We all did it when we were kids, didn't we? Growing up in Minneapolis, our house had GIANT maple trees in the front and back yard. HUGE. Like three plus stories high huge. As an adult, I think "wow that offered us great shade and kept things a little cooler since we couldn't afford air conditioning".

As a kid, it meant a TON of leaves to rake....and to play in! I'd look forward to 'helping' mom rake the yard when I was little because she'd inevitably let me jump in the leaf pile before we bagged it. What is it that made that so fun?? Was it just being able to dive in your yard without hitting the ground? Was it the sound all those crunching leaves made? To this day, I don't know the answer. But if you see a large middle-aged man jumping in a leaf pile in your yard, please don't call the cops. It's probably just me reliving one of the great memories of being a kid. ~Crash