Drummer Matt Cameron has shot down rumors that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam will tour together in 2013, according to Blabbermouth. Speculation about a joint tour -- based around the fact that Cameron plays drums for both bands -- started with an Australian radio station, which theorized that the trek could take place after Pearl Jam issues a new album next year. But Cameron told a Boston radio station, "After I play, like, I don't know, two hours with Soundgarden, my day is done. I think when we did the PJ20 show (with Pearl Jam), Chris (Cornell, Soundgarden singer) came out to that and we played some Temple Of The Dog stuff and it was awesome. Maybe there might be a one-off where that could happen, but I'm not 25 anymore."

Cameron has been a member of Pearl Jam since 1998, joining the group a year after Soundgarden officially disbanded.

Soundgarden reunited in 2010 and will release its first album since 1996, King Animal, on November 13th.

The first single from the disc, "Been Away Too Long," arrived on Thursday (September 27th). Chris Cornell told a San Francisco radio station about the track, "The initial spark of the idea did feel like it would be right in the narrative of, 'Yes we've been out and we've been gone for 15 years and now we're back.' It's about time, and we still have something to say about rock music that no one else is saying and I feel confident about saying that."

Cornell added about the album itself, "It has a lot of layers to it. It's something that it will take time for people to kind of digest and it's not something that I could describe to you right now or that you will understand based on listening to the first single for example."