David Lee Roth tends to joke quite often when giving interviews, or he talks in long winded Roth-isms. But in an interview Down Under, he has opened up about his personal life, something he rarely does.

On his childhood: He says his mom, Sybil, told he was "an accident... Coming from a supremely dysfunctional family, I can see why I am the way I am. I spiritually left the family home at 12, but moved out with Dad when I was 17. That’s when my parents officially split. My two sisters remained with Mom. I am still close to my sisters and love them dearly."

First kiss: "My first kiss was the one by which all others will be judged, at least from a guy’s standpoint. It was with a skinny blonde girl called Janine Scott. I shoveled crap behind a stable for a wage as a kid and she was one of the rich kids. We made out behind the stables. I was 13. We were barely teenagers, but there was a lot of Shakespeare going on."

First sexual encounter: "The first girl I slept with was 18 and I was 14. We were at Club Med in Tahiti. It was our first family vacation. I had sex with one of the Tahitian dishwashing girls, named Elaine. It was the first time I saw bikinis, Europeans and was exposed to an international crowd. We ended up together under a full moon on the beach. We fumbled and struggled and she could barely speak English, but she kept saying: 'I like it, I like it.' I kept thinking, 'You’re supposed to love it.'"

Current relationship: "I have had four great loves in my life, but have never been married or even come close. Those women are now all married and we’re still good friends... I live in Tokyo and hang out with a girl half my age and it’s no longer a legal issue [laughs]. It was not an impulsive move to come here. We are in love and my girlfriend is Japanese. As far as getting married now, I still don’t think it’s for me. I have issues, which stem from my past. I am a wanderer; I was sent to my first shrink when I was six because my parents thought I had autism. They were wrong. The Roth side of the family always settled down later in life... Who knows what the future holds for me in this department. I am quite happy in my current relationship."