This week on DWTS it was Eras Week and the Dance Off. In the first round the couples were given a type of dance and a specific era of time like the 40s.

The highest scoring couple from the first round is excluded from the Dance Off round. The remaining couples pair off and compete in a dance off. The judges pick their favorite and they are awarded two extra points.

It's getting harder to pick the best dances of the week because everyone has been doing so well. This week especially. Contestants that wavered the last couple weeks have made pretty big improvements. It's getting tough.

In the first round things started off great. Riker and Allison did a 20's inspired Quickstep. They added a baseball theme and it was really good. I couldn't get over the 20's jazz remix of Jason Derulo's "Wiggle."

And he got the highly coveted 10 from Len!

Noah Galloway got 70's jazz for this weeks dance. It was all funky and groovy and all about big pimpin. I have to give his partner, Sharna, all kinds of love because she comes up with some great ideas that compliment Noah's capabilities. There was an ensemble and production in this piece, but I think it complimented Noah and didn't over power him.

Nastia Liukin had a rough week dealing with her partner's rough week. Derek Hough really hurt his foot last week while rehearsing for the anniversary special so it was really up in the air what they were going to do. Derek still choreographed the routine while Nastia danced with Sasha. And I hate how much I liked this performance. They did a modern Charleston, which in itself is a little bit of an oxymoron because the Charleston is such an old dance. The subway theme and the lights and effects were so cool. Plus, they had Andy Grammar there live to sing his song! Everything just came together. I liked that Derek worked himself into the routine by being a passenger on the subway, but I could have done without him singing. I know he has solo music projects, but it was just a bit much.

This dance was good enough to give Nastia immunity going into the Dance Off round.

Willow and Mark, Noah and Sharna, and Rumer and Val won their respective Dance Offs giving them each two extra points.

In the end, Willow Shields and Mark Ballas were sent home! I am irate! I mean they even got the two extra points! I know I'm a little biased because Mark is my favorite, but it was not Willow's time yet. I didn't think she would win, but she is definitely better than Chris and Robert. Urgh.

I'm done trying to guess who goes home because I'm never right and it never makes sense.