The biggest name in comedy has a big place in his heart for the Upper Midwest.

Standup veteran Costaki Economopolus is heading back to Sioux Falls for Friday's 'Friends of the Bob and Tom Show' Comedy Tour, and he told me he loves audiences in this part of the world:

The one big thing that's changed in Costaki's life since his last Sioux Falls visit is his marital status.  He tied the knot with photographer and teacher Christa Meola last December.

I asked Costaki if there's been a discussion with his new bride about how much, if any, she can be included in his act:

Along with his new found wedded bliss, other not-so-upbeat parts of his life make it in the act as well:

When he's not onstage, Costaki stays busy with his Quick Snaps podcast which looks at all aspects of the NFL.  I asked him if the podcast ever slows down in a world where it seems like there is almost no off-season for pro football:

Vikings fans, listen up.  Costaki believes he has a leg up on a certain well-known running back:

Friday night, he shares the stage with Kristi Lee from the Bob and Tom Show, as well as fellow comedians Jimmy Pardo and Drew Hastings.  Costaki told me he loves working with his peers at these events:

The show is Friday night at 8:00pm at the Washington Pavilion.