"Cares Enough to Wear Pink" selflessly put our women first in the battle against cancer, at the very least they wear her color to let her know they CARE! They bring Love & Hope to communities around the country in the form of Pink Fire Trucks and will be in Baltic, SD this Thursday from 4-7pm. Their Mission:

As fire fighters and police officers, we wear a blue shirt 365 days a year. Our mission is to lose the blue and don the pink in honor of women for 3 days in October. We have designated these three days each year, October 25th, 26th and 27th, for “The Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign. Women represent a large percentage of the population, and what an impact it will have for all women to see the support in pink. We hope that our Fire and Police Chiefs and other leaders of this Country see the color pink, not just as a benefit for breast cancer, but as a way to support all women in their fight against all cancers.

The sale of the Guardians logo shirts and the donations we receive directly will be used by the Guardians of the Ribbons Inc. for gas, maintenance on the fire truck, as well as food and lodging for the tour. Guardians of The Ribbon request that all other fundraising activities and the monies raised be targeted to stay in those specific communities in which the events occur.

These men honor those who can no longer fight, stand with those who can fight and inspire those who watch.

This mission is about Men Supporting Women in the fight against cancer.