With the rock world buzzing about Christine McVie's possible return to Fleetwood Mac after 15 years, Stevie Nicks reveals that Lindsey Buckingham might be the one to block it. The December issue of Mojo magazine features an interview with Nicks conducted in September just before McVie joined the band at London's O2 Arena to close the show with her 1977 Rumours classic, "Don't Stop." Nicks admitted that there are some tensions that need to be ironed out, explaining, "She's just emerged to do one song. It could have been a few songs, but Lindsey's very funny about that. Chris left in 1998, and we didn't start (the) Say You Will (album) until 2002. It took us that long to figure out what the hell we were going to do without her -- or even if we could do without her."

When the interviewer told Nicks that Buckingham had asked the magazine not to use a group shot featuring McVie on the cover of Mojo's recent Rumours retrospective, Nicks went on to say, "I think his words to us we, 'She can't just come and go.' That's important to him, but it's not quite so important to me. . . Much as Lindsey adores her -- and he does; she's the only one in Fleetwood Mac he was ever willing to listen to, he doesn't want the first might reviews to be all about Christine's one song, rather than the set we rehearsed for two months."