Miracle Treat Day is all about helping the kids.  But if you are planning on buying your Blizzard from the Dairy Queen in Madison, South Dakota, you will also be helping to set records!

Raising money for children in need, participating Dairy Queens will be donating $1 or more from every Blizzard purchased to the Children's Miracle Network (CMN); and that is something that the Dairy Queen in Madison takes very serious.

For the past few nights, workers at Madison's Dairy Queen have been preparing Blizzards with the purpose of helping sick and injured children and their families. This is the 9th year that Madison's Dairy Queen has partnered with CMN, and of all the Dairy Queens that have been involved with Miracle Treat Day and partnered with CMN, Madison has the record for most Blizzards sold.

Last year, Madison's Dairy Queen sold over 38,000 thousand Blizzards.  This year, workers are hoping to sell over 40,000 of the delicious ice-cream treats.

Madison's Miracle Treat Day will end at 10pm tonight (Thursday, August 14, 2014), with the Children's Miracle Network hospitals receiving 100 percent of the money raised.

Along with helping children and their families and possibly setting new Blizzard records, families are invited to stop at Madison's Dairy Queen, located  at 117 2nd St NE, and have fun on the inflatables, play games and enjoy music.


Source:  KDLT