The Fab Four. The Mop Tops. The Lads From Liverpool.

Call them what you will, there's no doubt that popular music changed when the Beatles 'hit'. If you were my Dad's age, it was the worst thing that cold have happened to music. If you were a kid like me, you were swept up in 'Beatlemania'.

Well now, according to the Associated Press, you can have a piece of Beatle history. But it's going to cost you!

(AP) - A guitar that George Harrison and John Lennon both played is up for auction.

Harrison played it while practicing "I Am The Walrus" during "Magical Mystery Tour," and Lennon played it while recording a video session for "Hello, Goodbye." Julien's Auctions estimates it will sell for between $200,000 and $300,000.

The auction also includes a cape that Elvis had designed for his "Aloha From Hawaii" TV concert that was so heavy it dragged Elvis to the floor, so he didn't use it. That's estimated at $120,000.

Six David Cassidy jumpsuits, a bright pink hand-painted Bette Midler costume and an autographed pillow Michael Jackson threw out of a Paris hotel window are also for sale. The auction happens May 18 in New York.