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How does that Stephen Stills song go, "If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with?" There might be some truth to that.

A new survey from The Telegraph indicates there's a remarkably high number of people who are currently in a relationship or a marriage with someone who is not the "love of their life."

14% of people feel they should've ended up with someone else. And not just some other random person, most of the people surveyed had one specific other person in mind.

That means there's a one in seven chance your significant other thinks there was someone from their past that was a much better match for them than you are.

73% of those people say the real love of their life is the "one that got away" as Katy Perry would say. While another 17% claim they've met the love of their life since they got into their current relationship or marriage.

Another alarming stat, almost half of these individuals say they'd be willing to kick their current relationship to the curb if given the chance to be with their true love.

An interesting twist however, is the fact that men tend to be more loyal than women. 37% of men said they would stay in their current relationship for their partner’s sake.

The average person falls head over heels in love just two times in their life and has their heart broken once. Although, 5% of people say they've had their heart broken more than five times according to the survey.

60% of the people surveyed said it takes 10 weeks on average to know if you've found Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Hopefully for your sake, you've made the right choice?