Another effort may be made in the South Dakota Legislature's 2013 session to ban texting while driving across the entire state.

Attempts to pass a statewide ban have been defeated before , but State Senator Mike Vehle of Mitchell said this week he may be ready to try again.

Since a ban was approved in Sioux Falls, only one ticket has been written, but a couple of other cities have either followed suit or at least have considered it.

I know, I know, infringing on individual freedoms and all that. and it could be a feel-good law that's difficult to enforce and has a questionable effect on safety.

But what about our freedom, yours and mine, to have some trust in the driver coming from the other direction on the highway?

If you've been drinking but are driving anyway, and are coming at me from the other direction, you're not only endangering me but you're breaking the law.

So the Legislature, and ultimately the Governor, will have the fiinal say.