America has just announced its full North American itinerary, adding 24 new dates to the previously announced eight dates on the books. The band, led by co-founders Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, will kick things off tomorrow night (Friday, January 11th) in Medina, Minnesota and, as of now, winds things down over two nights on October 25th and 26th in Steelville, Missouri.

Dewey Bunnell was asked if after all these years working with Gerry Beckley he ever thinks of it almost like a marriage: "People say that, of course, yeah, and Gerry and I have had a few marriages that didn't last as long, but nevertheless, we've worked together since we were teenagers -- y'know, we really went to high school together. Then, once we got established, made then first albums, had some success, moved to California -- then you set up your own lives a little. Y'know where the areas are in your lives that you want to keep private and you know where you can blend your work with your lives."

Gerry Beckley says that compared to the America's '70s and '80s tours, the band's extended road treks have been pared back slightly over the years: "It's a relative number. We say 100 but this year might really be about 85 or so. And to be honest, that's a lot for us. So you really put it at what you can handle. The hardest part is every part of it but the show. The show is just the release. You get there. . . and I think that's really a good thing, because you want the show to be the cool part. But I tell you, that contrast has been getting bigger and bigger."

January 12 - Larchwood, IA - Grand Falls Casino Resort