Remembrances are starting to pop up for Alvin Lee, the former Ten Years After singer-guitarist who passed away Wednesday from complications following an unspecified "routine surgery." He was 68.

Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues: "We were on the same Decca label in the 1960s and worked a lot with Ten Years After on the same bill on lots of concerts including all over the U.S.A. We were never close, even though we worked such a lot together - more like rivals, because of the label thing, and our music was very different. Alvin was on a different planet, as a guitarist, to the rest of us, and he was rightly acknowledged as the best of those British blues players at the time. I am proud to have known him -- he lent me his amps one night in Chicago when mine broke down at a psychedelic club gig we were doing together. Alvin will never be forgotten."

Slash: "He was the first bad ass, super fast lead guitarist I remember hearing as a kid. Legend. RIP."

Ten Years After drummer Ric Lee, no relation: "We are all stunned. All of us. I don't think it's even sunk in yet as to the reality of his passing. We are all thinking of his family and friends today, and offer our own condolences."

Ten Years After bassist Leo Lyons, who worked with Alvin outside the band: "He was the closest thing I had to a brother... We had our differences, but we shared so many great experiences together that nothing can take away. I will miss him very much. He was an inspiration for a generation of guitar players."

Former Joan Jett and the Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd: "I spent many an afternoon trying to mimic the solo in 'Goin' Home' from the Woodstock album. Also played 'Love Like a Man' and 'Good Morning Little School' at many a church dance..which didn't go over so well with the priests. He was part of my teenage years and it's very sad."

Joe Satriani: Alvin Lee was a big influence on my playing. He was a great musician and a gentleman too. I still have the pick he gave me a few years back... R.I.P. Alvin Lee

Peter Frampton: I still can't believe we've lost Alvin Lee. My day went into slow motion after I heard this. Been talking to friends about times we all spent together. It's very sad. He was a wonderful person and an amazing guitar player.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Rest in Peace Alvin Lee one of the greatest guitar players ever. We lost you too soon. Thanks for the music.