Quick question, just how observant are you? When you're out and about, do you always keep a keen eye on your surroundings to ensure you know what's going on around you?

If you're the type of person that falls into that category, you may have already spotted the two blue lights with cameras in the parking lot of the east side Arrowhead Parkway Walmart location.

Those two blue lights are not Walmart's way of paying homage to one of their competitors that no longer has any stores in Sioux Falls. Actually, those blue lights are part of a test program Walmart is trying out all over the United States.

Walmart has your back when it comes to helping keep their customers safe while shopping. KSFY TV is reporting crime at each Walmart in Sioux Falls varies. According to the Sioux Falls Police Department, the majority of the crimes reported at each location in Sioux Falls within the past year are small shoplifting petty thefts. The west side Walmart reported the most crime, (184) total, compared to just (94) at the east side Arrowhead Park location.

Ragan Dickens, a spokesperson for Walmart told KSFY TV, the camera systems are called a mobile video platform. It's a camera system with a blue light on top. Dickens said, "We are looking to cause the bad guy that would come to our parking lot or to our store to pause and say hey, Walmart might not be the best place for me to commit this crime."

Walmart's objective is to ensure both their employees and customers feel safe and have enjoyable shopping experience each time they visit a Walmart location. Hence the reason the blue light camera system is being tested at specific Walmart locations throughout the country.

According to KSFY TV, Walmart will continue the blue light test program all over the nation and assess where they will be most beneficial. No timeline is currently in place as to when the camera systems could potentially be part of the parking lots in the three remaining Sioux Falls Walmart locations.

Source: KSFY TV

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