There was a time when wallpaper ruled the home decorating world.

The colorful strips appealed to a generation of do-it-yourselfers everywhere because of the variety of styles available and relative ease of application. If you were good at hanging it, you polish off a number of rooms in the same time it would take to paint just one.

But like so many things, the heyday of wallpaper came and went, leaving an entire generation to associate the word more with what one installs on the screen of an electronic device rather than a home fashion statement.

Now, one furniture design website is hoping to jumpstart a wallpaper resurgence from coast to coast.

Joybird has unveiled what it calls the United States of Wallpaper, which features 50 designs unique to each state.

South Dakota Wallpaper

For South Dakota, they went with three images - a no-brainer, something fairly generic, and a real head-scratcher.

The Mount Rushmore image is an obvious choice, although the shot they chose resembles more of a Beatles' album cover than George, Thomas, Teddy, and Abe from the Black Hills.

Next is the red outline of a deer head - a nod to the white-tailed and mule deer that roam in Custer State Park and the western part of the state.

The third image is supposedly garlic salt, which I imagine is a tie-in as the preferred seasoning for our state delicacy - chislic - which dates back to the late 1800s in these parts.

If you were designing the South Dakota wallpaper, which trio of images would you have used?

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