As long as songwriters have been putting lyrics to music, there's one theme that has been explored more than any other - love.  But those days appear to be over.

According to research done by the online site Idibon, the words love, loves, loved, lover, lovin’, luv, etc. are appearing in the titles of #1 songs these days at only one-third of the rate they were in the 1980's. The percentage of songs with "love" in the title is at its lowest since the 1940's.

The study also found:

In 1980, 15.8% of all songs had love (or some variation) in their titles.

year, that number dipped to 5.8%.

To make matters worse, as love declines, hate is taking its place.

There are only 30 songs with "hate" in the Whitburn Project database of Billboard Chart hits, but 11 of them have been in the last 15 years.