I was reading a story on line the other day about plastic surgery being the new 'in thing' when it comes to graduation gifts. My God, what have we become?

What ever happened to giving luggage? Back when I graduated, everyone got luggage from their parents (you don't suppose they were trying to tell us something do you?)

Today, plastic surgery is apparently the new 'in thing.' And it's not just fixing acne scars. You can now even buy someone surgery to stop their arm pits from sweating. Seriously!

The thought is by shutting off their sweat glands, they don't have to worry about being embarrassed should they start to break out in a cold sweat during a job interview.

Is this what we've become? A society so consumed with outer beauty that we're willing to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars so our kids don't get embarrassed?

Here's an idea. Instead of gifting the graduate cosmetic surgery, how about you give them the gift of self-confidence. Build them up with words, not procedures.

In my humble opinion, there's nothing more beautiful than a person who is confident with who they are while at the same time humble and nice.

That's how you define beauty!

Source: Allure

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