You may be seeing purple pumpkins on front porches this year for Halloween. It could be a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan but with a 0-3 start to the 2020-2021 season, it's doubtful.

The real reason? According to Taste of Home, "The idea is to show kids and parents alike that Halloween doesn’t have to be completely canceled as long as everyone’s practicing safe social distancing and being considerate of their surroundings."

The purple pumpkin may have another reason as well. A few years back, the Epilepsy Foundation began the Purple Pumpkin Project to raise awareness for epilepsy.

The idea of coloring your porch pumpkins has been around for a while. The teal pumpkin has become popular as well to indicate that this house is conscious of those with severe allergies (gluten, nuts, etc.) and the treats are safe to eat.

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