We know many of the unwritten laws of drinking like don't call your ex, don't Facebook. don't leave without paying your bill, etc. But there are MUCH weirder ACTUAL laws in the U.S.

•In Oklahoma, if your beer's more than 4% alcohol, it has to be sold at room temperature.

•In Texas, if you're standing up, you're only allowed to take three sips of beer. (are those YOUR sips, or mine?)

•Happy hour specials are outlawed in Massachusetts. (How about Happy 59 minutes? OR Sad Hour Specials?)

•It's illegal to give a moose beer in Alaska. (Never would have thought of it, but now I kind of want to!)

•It is illegal to drink while on horseback in Colorado, because a horse is a vehicle. (Have you ever tried to drink while on horseback? Your beer gets way too shook up!)

•You can purchase cocktails at the drive-thru stores in New Orleans. (If we can roll a party bus up to a drive through and have them hand us cases of beer through the side window in Sioux Falls, why shouldn't you get a rum and coke during Mardi Gras?)