Warren Haynes is one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. From his pre-Allman Brothers days with David Allen Coe and Dickey Betts, to a quarter century with the legendary southern rock band, to dozens of shows with the Grateful Dead and Dave Mathews Band, through the 20th anniversary tour this summer with his band Gov't Mule, Haynes has relished sliding seamlessly from project to project and genre to genre to keep things fresh.

Shortly before the Mule came to Sioux Falls JazzFest on July 19, I got a chance to talk to Haynes on the phone from his home in New York. We talked about influences (he and his wife have a toddler at home which always throws things upside down!) to the final shows of the Allman Brothers and what projects he plans to tackle once the Allmans are done. You can check out the interview video below plus some photos and videos of Gov't Mule live in Sioux Falls!


The set the Mule gave us was everything fans could want from the entire history of the band from the early days to their release from last year, "Shout!" They even threw in a curveball by playing Tom Petty's "Breakdown" in the middle of "Beautifully Broken". Thank you to Spirit Sparks for catching the Breakdown portion of the song!


Included in the set was the great jam "Broke Down on the Brazos"


And they closed the set with an encore of "Soulshine" made famous by the Allman Brothers, but written by Haynes. Thanks again to Spirit Sparks for catching the song on video!


And here's a photo gallery of shots taken by Crash, Bob Uecker, Dan Thorson and Tim Passmore.