Is the rumor true?  If you own an iPhone don't be tempted to unlock this potentially damaging treasure!

Consumerist is reporting that if you set the date on your iPhone to January 1st, 1970 you'll unlock a secret "Retro Mode." But it's a hoax and it can permanently ruin your phone.

Supposedly it has the old rainbow colored Apple logo, and a bunch of other stuff. But there are two problems.

First, it's a hoax. Apple wasn't founded until 1976, so a 1970 retro mode wouldn't even make sense. Second, and even worse, you'll permanently destroy your phone if you do it.

When you set your date back that far, it screws up the software in your phone and crashes it for good. Think of it as the Y2K bug of iPhones.

There's a chance they can fix it at the Apple Store, but you'll probably just have to buy a new one.

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