There are 4 Walmarts in Sioux Falls.  Soon you may not even have to visit their stores if you want to purchase the things they sell.

Amazon Prime has been offering free two day delivery to your doorstep for some time now.  You do have to pay a monthly fee of around $9 bucks, but you also get to stream movies and TV shows for the free.

Now Walmart wants in on that action.  Walmart is testing a two-day shipping subscription service.  Last year Walmart offered a three-day shipping service for $50 a year. They called their service 'ShippingPass'.

Walmart is the world's largest retailer and they are investing around $2 billion large on tech and logistics to build up their e-commerce sales.

Walmart has a fleet of around 6,000 tractor-trailers and about 4,600 stores around the United States that may make it easier and more economical for them to offer delivery services of their goods as compared to Amazon that utilizes Fedex and the U.S Postal Service.

Would you pay a fee to have Walmart deliver goods right to your door?