We love our kids, but sometimes they can drive us nuts. You know like when you are going on your summer family vacation, you've been on the road for all of 5 minutes and the kids start in with, “Are we there yet”?

What phrases do you hear from your kids that drive you up a wall? A new survey from SWNS Digital asked parents to name the Top 10 Things Their Kids Say That Drive Them Crazy. Here are the Top 10 on their list.

  1. "Are we there yet?"
  2. "What's for dinner?"
  3. "When is dinner?"
  4. "Mom!"
  5. "Do we have any food?"
  6. "I don't want to go!"
  7. "Where are the good snacks?"
  8. "Can I play with your phone?"
  9. "Dad!"
  10. "Can I go to [insert place here]?"

The only one I would add to this is "I'll do it later." What phrase would you add to the list?

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