Tony Stewart was injured back in early August in a crash that temporarily takes him out of driving a race car. It happened at Southern Iowa Speedway while racing a sprint car.

Stewart raced the month prior at Huset's Speedway on July 3rd. He nearly won that race, but trouble with just a few laps to go took him out of contention.

We had video and a story on that event. A driver from California ended up in victory lane.

My long time friend and much respected race track emergency team operator in the sport of racing, is Jay Masur. Jay provides the rescue team at Huset's Speedway. His team was on duty at the Iowa track where Tony Stewart was injured.

Stewart recently held a news conference about his situation. In the video of that conference, he talks about Jay Masur of Huset's Speedway.

It comes up at approximately 11 minutes into the video:

Stewart says, 'I plan to be back in a car in February.' He also states that, 'Nothing has changed with any of the members in the company.'