When actors get nominated for an Academy Award, they not only get singled out before their peers, but they also get a bag of swag like you can't believe. Details have just been released about what each of the 25 acting and directing nominees will receive at this year's Academy Awards Ceremony.

The most expensive item in this year's swag bag is a 10 day, first class trip to Israel (valued at $55,000). Nominees will also get a year’s worth of unlimited Audi car rentals (valued $45,000) and a 15-day walking tour of Japan (valued at $45,000).

They also get a lifetime supply of skin creams ($31,200), a vaporizer ($249.99), a laser skin tightening procedure ($5,530), three private training sessions ($1,400), and an ‘Ultimate Fitness Package’ that’s held in a private villa ($6,250).

But here's the crazy part - all of these items are donated free of charge by the companies involved. Plus, they also have to pay $4,000 as a "promotional fee." Wow! Whoever sold them that "deal" is a marketing genius!

So when you start to feel sorry for your favorite actor (or actress) who doesn't walk away with an Oscar this year, don't feel too bad for them. Remember, they're NOT going home empty handed.

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