Sioux Falls is definitely a city on the rise here in the Midwest, but no one will ever confuse the skyline of South Dakota's largest city with that of Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, or any other major metropolitan area, at least not as of right now anyway.

That's not to say, Sioux Falls is completely devoid of taller buildings. There are a few scattered throughout the city, most are located in the downtown area.

None of them are what a person would consider being a breathtaking skyscraper. Let's just say, chances are King Kong is not going to be tempted to snatch up a hot-looking Sioux Falls blonde and go for a climb on a building here in the Sioux Empire.

However, with that said, Sioux Falls does have some beautiful-looking multi-story buildings.

While our high-rises don't exactly tower over the streets of downtown, they are uniquely Sioux Falls and do a lot to enhance the natural beauty of the city's downtown region.

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According to the website Emporis, here are the top 5 tallest buildings in Sioux Falls as of November 2021. As the city continues to grow, I'm sure we will no doubt continue to add to our downtown skyline, helping to give Sioux Falls more of a metropolitan big city feel.

Sioux Falls Tallest Buildings:

Source: Emporis

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