Many a fan of Laura Linney's work on Showtime's acclaimed drama 'The Big C' were saddened to learn that the series had been given a terminal diagnosis (heh), and would close up its four year-run with a truncated final outing.  Thought a premiere date has yet to be secured, details of the final season for Cathy and the others have been set in motion, including a title change and some new guest stars.  So, what will 'The Big C' become in its final season?

Showtime's 'The Big C' is about to get a bit of a growth in its final, four-episode season, in name only.  Dubbed a four-part limited-event series, the final season will add a subheading to its title, becoming 'The Big C: hereafter.'  Yes, the lower-case is intentional.

In addition to the title change, actress Kathy Najimy will appear in all four episodes as Cathy's therapist, helping to cope with the return of her cancer.  Isaac Mizrahi will appear in multiple episodes as himself and serve as a fashion mentor to Gabourey Sidibe's character while she attends design school.

“It has been a true joy watching someone as gifted as Laura Linney take Cathy Jamison on her journey these past three seasons,” said Showtime Entertainment president David Nevins.  “We wanted to take particular care to honor the fans of the show with a compelling and memorable conclusion. We thank Laura, Jenny Bicks, Darlene Hunt and 'The Big C’s gifted ensemble of actors, producers and crew for the remarkable work they have created.”

'The Big C: hereafter' will likely premiere sometime in 2013.  Will you tune in for Cathy's final episodes?