Organist Garth Hudson of The Band learned a tough lesson about paying bills over the weekend when many items that belonged to him were sold at a garage sale. Hudson had his property in storage in a loft in Kingston, New York, but had not paid rent on it for seven years, and the landlord finally cleared it out for him.

Hudson moved into the loft in 2002 after his home in nearby Woodstock, New York went into foreclosure, but has since moved twice. Landlord Mike Piazza (not the former baseball player) estimates the back rent to be around $65,000.

Hudson was well aware of the sale and even posted a notice on his Facebook page about it. He writes, "We were told everything there was sold. We were not seeking funds, but were asking purchasers to allow us to reimburse them for what they bought as we were not on premises ourselves." One woman spent a few thousand dollars on household and personal items and said she plans to return them to Hudson. Piazza also reached out to The History Channel's American Pickers, but could not strike a deal because producers were unable to reach Hudson's lawyers for clearance.

Among the items Hudson left behind were uncashed checks, including one from 1979 for $26,000.