I am not much of small talk person. Years of living with mild social anxiety coupled with spending my entire youth in the same school and church in a small town with the same basic group of people led me to not develop good small talking skills. I'm not necessarily shy or anti-social. I can talk your ear off about some things and engage in a deep conversation on many topics. But, the space between 'hello' and best friends can be a murky land of unknown for me.

I've gotten better over the years. Striking out into the world on my own forced me to get better, at least a little, at interacting with people. I'm not like my wife who can make friends with every person she meets, anywhere. But, I have written the internal software that allows me to run an external program that makes me look almost like a regular human.

Since moving to Sioux Falls a little more than a decade ago, I've picked up on several generic topics of conversation that dominate the small talk of our small city. Five topics in fact.

The 5 Topics of Sioux Falls Small Talk



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