Go ahead and say good-bye to your paycheck! The superstore that is known for having the best impulse buys, could soon be offering up cocktails to their shoppers. One Target store in Chicago, Illinois could soon be the first Target store giving their shoppers the chance to buy booze AND drink a cocktail while you shop.

Set to open their doors in October, a Target superstore in Chicago has recently applied for two liquor licenses. One would be to sell packaged liquor on its shelves and the other to serve beer, wine, and spirits from a bar that would be located inside the 24,000-square-foot building space.

If this store is granted the two liquor licenses, it will be the only Target store that serves liquor on-site, which will only add to their slogan 'Expect More. Pay Less.' and increase the appeal of being the best impulse buy store around.

Source: Redbook