McDonald's has brought back it's Szechuan sauce for one day today (February 26) and we got some. The sauce gained notoriety as part of a 1998 promotion of the Disney movie Mulan, than they discontinued it one year later.

Since they quit making the sauce Adult Swim's Rick & Morty show has advocated for bringing it back and Rick & Morty fans have been lobbying hard for it's return.

To appease the ravenous masses intent on the return of the cups of tastiness McDonald's produced 20 million Szechuan Sauce cups to be available for one day. When they are gone, they are gone.

You can get the sauces at all the Sioux Falls McDonald's locations. We went on got some early this morning from the nice folks at the South Louise Ave. location.

Ben Davis

I got there too early to order the suggested sauce companion chicken tenders. They don't start serving those until 10:30 am. So we tried ours with Hash Browns. Why wouldn't ya?

After Patty Dee sampled here McDs Hasher with the signature Szechuan sauce she described it as tangy with a presence of soy sauce and a lingering mildly spicy finish.

After I taste tested the dipping sauce I said, "Yeah, what Patty said."

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