Some news outlets, including ABC News, are reporting that the siblings of the children killed in the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut could face what's known as "survivor's guilt."

Talk about adding tragedy to tragedy, when the innocent brothers and sisters of the innocent children who were killed find themselves feeling guilty.

It's a situation we've seen and heard about before, especially after natural disasters.

But imagine yourself as the six-year-old girl whose twin brother was in another classroom and was killed. How do you go on?

I'll admit it--I have no answers.

One West River legislator's answer is to have teachers, janitors and other school workers who have the proper permits to have their guns at school.

Now there's an idea that's sure to draw debate if it's introduced, and a lot of people would need to be convinced as to why more guns in school would be a good idea.

I'm still not sure why ordinary citizens need assault rifles, but that's for someone else to decide.

I just keep thinking about those innocent kids, gone forever, and the parents and siblings who are left to wonder why.