A Sioux Falls woman who attempted to kill herself and her baby by crashing her car off Interstate 229 near the Big Sioux River faces 40 years in prison.

It all started on October 16, 2018 when police responded to a vehicle crash on I-229. Authorities found a white Mazda had rolled into a ditch. Not far from the accident scene, Julia Alzoubaidi, 34, was found close to the Big Sioux River, along with a baby who was wet from the flowing waters, reported KSOO's Beth Warden.

First responders who were on the scene of the scene of the accident reported that the child was not breathing. Emergency room staff at Avera McKinnon later told authorities that the baby had water in his lungs.

Alzoubaidi's child survived the incident.

According to the Associated Press, "authorities allege Alzoubaidi left a suicide note in her car saying she decided to kill her six-month-old child because he showed signs of an attachment disorder and that she felt she was an unfit mother."

Alzoubaidi, a clinical psychologist, had not been taking anxiety medication during the pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Alzoubaidi was charged with attempted first-degree murder and felony child abuse. A trial is scheduled for June of this year. Alzoubaidi, who is free on bond, faces 40 years in prison if convicted.

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