Mark Zukerbreg and company might want to pay attention to a new poll out on teenagers' use of social media. The poll found the number of teens and young adults using Facebook has dropped considerably over the past six years.

In 2012, 68% of teenagers polled by Common Sense Media said Facebook was their #1 social networking site. Today, that number has dropped to15%. The poll found those between the ages of 13 and 17 lists Snapchat as their go-to site, followed by Instagram.

When asked why they no longer choose to hang out on Facebook, the majority of teens surveyed said Facebook is now primarily for "old people." When one 16-year-old was asked who she talks to on Facebook she answered - only her grandparents.

As for communicating, back in 2012 nearly half of those surveyed said they preferred talking face-to-face with their friends. Today, only a third say that. Most say they favor texting instead.

And if you're wondering how social media makes your teenager feel, kids tell researchers they're just fine. Despite what parents might think, the majority of teens say social media makes no difference in how they feel. A quarter of those surveyed say they actually feel less lonely when online, and 20% feel more confident and more popular.

Source: CNET

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