Personally I am not one of the many who ventures out in the wee morning hours of Black Friday, but for those of you that are planning to, put together a list of the Best Black Friday deals.

They scoured the ads so you don't have to.

According to this is where it's at on Black Friday!

They also said that the website and app and BFads is the best way to stay in the loop for Black Friday.

I couldn't help but notice a bunch of those sales are on hot tech items this year.

Well, compiled information per state on which tech items are most sought after.

Here is what they found for South Dakota and the neighboring states.

  • SD: Xbox One
  • IA: iPad
  • NE: iPhone
  • MN: Apple TV
  • ND: TV (I guess North Dakota isn't too picky. They just want TV.)

So in conclusion, South Dakotans should go to Kohls on Black Friday for the Xbox One bundle. You're welcome.

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