South Dakota Legislators met their Feb 20th deadline by dealing with all proposed legislation introduced in their respective bodies.  All surviving Senate proposals are now in the House, and vice versa.

In South Dakota, our legislators set reasonable time frames for getting the work done, and make sure they stay within those time frames.

Why can't that happen in Washington?

Many issues are not yet resolved: a state wide ban on texting; proposals to tighten up restrictions on teens learning to drive; doubling the waiting period required for a woman seeking an abortion; declaring the wolf a varmint so they can be shot for any reason.

The biggest issue is expanding Medicaid. The Governor is saying "No" right now.

Members of both parties in the Legislature are meeting, learning, and discussing the pros and cons of signing up. Many states being led by strong Republican governors, are signing up, including Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.

This issue could pit Governor Dennis Daugaard against a legislature dominated by his Republican party. The first real "conflict" between the executive and legislative bodies since the Governor took office.

The main run of the South Dakota legislative session ends March 8th, with "veto day" March 25th.

Fasten your seat belts, put down the texting device, it could be a wild ride.