The great state of South Dakota has seen fit to grant me the legal right to operate a motorized vehicle for another five years.

That's really good for me. I'm not sure about the rest of the road riders in the state.

It comes around every five years, right around birthday time. Renew that driver's license. As it turns out, the older you get, the quicker that five years goes by. Geez, it seems like I was here just a few months ago. (Insert huge 'sigh' here)

So off I went to the corner of West Russell and Kiwanis. I shouldn't have a drop of anxiety about it, this renewal deal. After all, at my age I've done it...well, a bunch of times. Most of the folks walking around in a younger persons skin tell me to just do it online, it's easy, it's quick.

No thanks, I guess I'm not much of an 'online' guy. (Translation: I'm old)

So I pull into the parking lot and good news: Not many cars. Not many people. Oh, I like people just fine...just not in a line.

In I go and the lady at the front desk was a peach, I mean a really friendly lady. We visited for a moment or two, and then she very kindly told me I need a couple of things that proved I lived where I lived.


Well, turns out I had a Midco cable bill in my car (Yes, yes, I'm paying it) and of course my vehicle registration, which would work, too. So I sash shayed (Actually I don't sash shay anymore, I pretty much hobble) out to the car, got what I needed and back in.

All is well. Fill out this form and listen for when my number was called. Uh-oh, this is the part that could take a while, waiting for the number to be called.

It was called before I had the form filled out.

Up to the counter where I met one of the friendliest guys I've ever bumped into. Some clicks on his keyboard, and we were about done. His only question was 'Do you wear your glasses when you drive'? I replied 'I wear my glasses when I breathe!'. He smiled. (I am so doggone witty)

A quick picture, without the glasses on by the way, a minute to or so to get the new card and a 'Have a nice day!'. You too, sir, you too.

I want to let the big shots in the state of South Dakota know, you have some really great and friendly people working there at the Driver's License renewal place.

And see, if I'd have done it 'online' I'd never have had the pleasure of meeting them.

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