This Christmas some folks are putting Target's 'Santa Dipped Chocolate Sandwich Cookies' on the Naughty List.

Some moms have decided to boycott Target because they don't see Santa's big black boots at the bottom of the cookies. They see a man's 'Naughty Bits'.

Some people see this and some don't. Lot's of people are still buying the cookies and posting pictures and comments on Twitter. Some of the Twitter comments include:

  • New York Post – Target's 'kinky' Christmas cookies have moms boycotting.
  • Mikey@fsmikey – Target is selling these holiday cookies but people are noticing that a quick glance at Santa's boots...yeah...
  • Mike Hsu - Here are those Christmas cookies from Target I was talking about. Those are supposed to be Santa’s boots right? Look hard...BUT NOT TOO HARD!
  • Alicia Marie – How long has it been since these moms have seen a peepee?
  • Reynold@ingored_the - If those women have to look this hard to see a ***k, then I daresay that it's their husbands who are the ones who have the problem, not the cookie makers.
  • Paul Schadt - A group of moms wants Target to remove these Christmas cookies off their shelves ... saying they're x-rated. Maybe it's just too early but I don't see anything wrong with them
Target Santa Cookies Twitter
Target Santa Cookies Twitter

What do you think? Do you see it? Does it look like Santa is having a 'wardrobe malfunction'?

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