I admit it. Guys are simple creatures. And no matter how cultured or mature we seem, at the core, we still laugh at dirty jokes, still think farts are funny, and most likely had posters of scantily clad or naked women in our room, garage, or shop.

So when I saw a new silicone lamp that is shaped like a woman's posterior and hangs on the wall, the inner 'guy' in me was interested. Then I saw that you pinched a cheek to turn the lamp on and slapped a cheek to turn it off?!?! Immediately I was 20 years old and wanted it for my apartment in every color available (magenta, blue, cyan, red, green, yellow, and orange for those of you scoring at home)

London-based designer Joseph Begley has designed the “Slap It” lamp not only for the single people but also for everyone else who enjoys a little spanking. Using silicone to achieve the optimal feeling, this lamp was made in the shape of human buttocks to turn on more than just lights. You get to turn this thing on by either touching, rubbing or slapping it.

And at $1200 each, YOU try to explain it to my wife.