I'm a Vikings fan and the missed field goal against the Seattle Seahawks will sting for a long time. But one Sioux Falls student's homework assignment even got me to laugh.

After missing the potential game-winning field goal, Blair Walsh received reaction from all extremes. Death threats towards Walsh starting rolling in on social media on one end, and he received a great stack of letters showing support from a 1st grade class.

7th grader Wyatt Reesman, a Sioux Falls native, took a much more sophisticated approach to taking a little jab at the Minnesota Vikings. His sister Mattie sent us a message on Twitter and attached a photo of the recent assignment.

"My 13-year-old brother Wyatt's english homework from this past weekend. Only a family of Packers fans could influence this" - Mattie


Mattie Reesman

Props to you Wyatt. I hope you received an "A" on this homework assignment on the creativity alone. Even this Vikings fan was able to get a laugh out of it.