The thought of a proposed massive school redistricting plan here in Sioux Falls has a number of people throughout the Sioux Empire concerned with the possible outcome.

To help ease concerns, and give the public an opportunity to voice opinions, the Sioux Falls School District has planned a series of task force meetings to discuss the issues at hand.

Dakota News Now is reporting the next meeting pertaining to the redistricting project will be held on Wednesday (January 29) from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Instructional Planning Center at 201 East 38th Street.

Wednesday's meeting is open to the public, but, according to Dakota News Now, public input on the matter is being reserved for future community meetings.

Sioux Falls Public School Superintendent Brian Maher told Dakota News Now, “We're already hearing some of this ‘is the juice worth the squeeze? But I bought my home because I wanted to be at this attendance center.’ There's going to have to be a little bit of that movement for us to balance our buildings the way that we need to balance them.”

The District plans to hold subsequent community engagement meetings to discuss the redistricting project those meetings are scheduled for both March and April.

Dakota News Now reports concerned residents can find the dates and times for the various meetings on the school district's website.

Source: Dakota News Now


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