Sioux Falls Police will now be offering a new way to report a crime. According to Sergeant Paul Creviston, Cop Logic is the service where they send a link to your smart phone enabling you to report a crime. Each report will be reviewed by a detective at the same amount of time as if you reported the crime in person.

The number is live and working now: 1-833-827-5041

If you call the Cop Logic number, you’ll be prompted to type in your cell phone number and a text from Cop Logic will direct you to their online reporting system. The information you’ll be asked to provide includes your name, address, phone number, and description of what happened. The whole process is designed to take less than ten minutes.

Non-emergency calls can be serviced through the service, such as reporting harassing phone calls, lost property, various types of thefts and vandalism.

Dispatchers can also forward incoming calls to the Cop Logic system, which is more user friendly compared to their previous online reporting system.

“Providing citizens with several options to report crime helps to make it as easy as possible,” says Assistant Police Chief Galen Smidt. “There are many different ways to accomplish this, and the more options available to citizens, the better we can serve the public to help keep Sioux Falls a safe community.”

Other avenues are still available to report a crime, including talking to an officer face to face, over the phone, or online at You can also have the option of remaining anonymous through Crimestoppers.

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