Police have arrested a Vermillion man for a discharge of a firearm in a Sioux Falls apartment and drug charges.

On Monday afternoon around 4:30, Sioux Falls Police were called to an apartment building near West 11th Street and Duluth Avenue. The caller who was in a first-floor apartment said a gunshot had come down through their ceiling. Detectives found shotgun pellets in the first-floor apartment. Police think the discharge of the firearm was accidental.

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Police viewed surveillance video showing a man placing a large bag into a vehicle. The man then left the scene, but later returned and was arrested. Police searched the vehicle containing the large bag and found a shotgun. The shotgun had been reported stolen, according to Dakota News Now.

Officers searched the second-floor apartment where the shots originated and found marijuana and methamphetamine.

Police are charging 33-year-old Casey Wellington Blaine with multiple drug charges, possession of the stolen property, possession of a firearm by a former drug offender, and reckless discharge of a firearm. Police say Blaine was also on parole.

Police say there were no reported injuries.

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