The Sioux Falls Police Department Street Crimes Unit caught suspicious activity on the internet over the weekend that alerted them to the possibility of prostitution at southwest Sioux Falls hotel early Sunday (December 11) at 12:30 AM.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department says officers found a woman inside a hotel room designated by the internet communication. Prior to making contact with her, police observed a man leaving the room and presumed there was a connection.

As authorities investigated, they found the woman was being held by force, did not have ID or money and was relying solely on the control of the man for all necessities such as food and shelter.

Jerome Davis Kent, 50, of Sioux Falls was charged with pimping and human trafficking the 27 year old Sioux Falls woman.

The hotel later found marijuana, cocaine residue and paraphernalia in the room.  Additional charges could be pending.

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