A woman who needed a ride from a downtown Sioux Falls convenience store wound up being a kidnapping victim just after 10 p.m. Monday.

Police Captain Greg VandeKamp says the woman was at 14th and Minnesota, and waiting for a ride to the 3600 block of North Fourth Avenue top pick up some property.

Vandekamp says a man she didn't know offered to take her there, and on the way he stopped to buy some liquor, but eventually he took her to where she wanted to go.

"In the timeframe of getting the alcohol and getting out there he pretty much drank the bottle. When she was wanting to get out he was not wanting her to leave," explains Vandekamp. "She had asked him to let her out and he was not allowing her to do so and was continuing to drive through the lot at a fairly high rate of speed. She threatened to bail out on him [and] he eventually stopped. When he came around to the passenger side she grabbed the keys and chucked the keys."

VandeKamp says 61-year-old David Centra of Sioux Falls was arrested on charges of second-degree kidnapping, DWI and simple assault.