Darrin Smith, the Director of Community Development in Sioux Falls, has great news for job seekers!

"Right now, we do have over two thousand jobs available here.  We are growing as a city and adding three thousand plus people every year to help fill those jobs and grow the economy.  But, we need more.  Those of us working in the economic development field definitely feel like Sioux Falls right now is just turning a corner.  We're getting ready to explode!  I think we are in a place today where Omaha was twenty years ago.  I think we are much further ahead in terms of infrastructure."

Darrin says no doubt about it: Sioux Falls is HOT!

"We need people to move in here.  We have businesses ready to move in here.  That are a lot of good things going on."

So, why is Sioux Falls exploding?

"Just going down the list here---we're building a 117 million dollar new Events Center. No new taxes to do that and no tax increases.  We are absorbing it in our budget.  We signed one of the richest naming rights deal in the history of these facilities in a market our size.  Pension reform---3 different unions voted on average almost 90 percent voted in favor of reforming their own pension plan---contributing more themselves to save taxpayers three hundred million dollars over the next thirty years.   That's incredible."

In light of the recent CNN News segment focusing on Sioux Falls,  Darrin Smith says people around the globe are hearing about the community's assets that are continuing to grow!