From KSFY Television Meteorologist Sam Gabrielli

Fog is the only issue this morning. A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect for central and northern South Dakota until 7 AM CDT as visibility may be under a mile for the work commute.

A very humid air mass is going to present itself over the southeast corner of South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota today. At times tropical to oppressive dew points are in the picture. Drier air will be in place for those of you across much of central and northern South Dakota. This difference in air mass types is brought to you by a passing north to south cold front boundary. The cold front will also be the focal point for some storms to redevelop once again tonight.

The good news with today's high humidity levels will be the fact we will stay partly to mostly cloudy. If the sun were shining in full force today, it would feel extremely hot. Don't be fooled though, at times when the sun peaks from the clouds it will certainly feel toasty. High temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s along much of southern South Dakota, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa. Cooler, much drier air will situate over central and northern South Dakota as thermometer readings will top out in the 70s and low 80s.

The cold front will slowly march south tonight and it will be responsible for more rainfall. Thunderstorms will develop along the Nebraska border after midnight and will become more widespread, filtering into southeast South Dakota and northwest Iowa again. The main threat from these overnight storms will be heavy rainfall. A few storms may turn severe with isolated large hail or damaging wind guts as well. The activity should wane by the Noon hour on Wednesday.

The rest of the week will be quiet and feature cooler than average temperatures as well as very low humidity levels! We will steadily warm our temperatures into next weekend. Next weekend also appears to be the next shot for thunderstorms at this time.

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