The city of Sioux Falls witnessed its second Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday afternoon, and round two was far more peaceful than the first protest march against racism and social injustice, held nearly two weeks ago.

The end result of the Sioux Empire's first demonstration was thousands of dollars in damage to area businesses and several arrests.

Not this time around, the protesters participating all managed to exercise their First Amendment Rights without any kind of violence ensuing.

Dakota News Now reports that hundreds of people lined the sidewalks of Minnesota Avenue to let their voices be heard starting at 2:00 PM on Saturday.

One of those protesters, Emma Snow, told Dakota News Now, “Something like this people can’t ignore us, so I’m here because I’m a part of the black community and I support us and I believe in the power of protesting. I want to be as big of a part of it as I can because it affects me just as much as it affects everyone around me.”

Snow, like many of the other protesters on hand Saturday afternoon, plan to continue to demonstrate until real change begins to take place in the country.

Barb Rehfeld of Sioux Falls also took part in Saturday's demonstration. She told Dakota News Now,  "I’ve been very proud, frankly, and we’re so thrilled to see mostly Caucasians in this line here because it’s about time.”

Rehfeld's husband, Larry agrees, he told Dakota News Now, “It’s long overdue actually, hopefully, this is going to make a systemic change in our country.”

People of all ages participated in Saturday's protest, although, much like the first protest march on (May 31), the majority of the crowd participating appeared to be on the younger side.

Source: Dakota News Now

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The Result of The Sioux Falls Protest

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