The mother of Scorpions singer Klaus Meine has died. Erna Meine was called Hanover, Germany's "Rock Granny" before she succumbed to the damage caused by a stroke in early October. The 92-year-old matriarch to the country's greatest rock band died on Oct. 25, according to

"Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers that were send for me and my family during this sad and difficult time," Meine writes at the band's official website. "She was a fighter," he adds at the German news site (translated by Google Translate).

2013 is expected to bring new music to Scorpions' fans. In June guitarist Matthias Jabs said the group had decided their recent farewell tour would not be a final farewell. “We have a project which we will probably release next year," he told AZ Central. "We have so much film material. We will work on something like an anthology, some kind of box set.”

The "new" material may end up being old songs leftover from the '80s and '90s, including unfinished songs from 'Blackout,' 'Crazy World' and other hit albums.

"There’s so much strong material, there was a definite spark in those old recordings. The idea is to redo them with today’s technology and take it further.”

Erna's death is not mentioned at the Scorpions Facebook page, and Meine does not have an official social media prescenes.

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