EDITOR'S NOTE (April 12, 2019): This story, originally published in January of 2019, has begun recirculating. Please note that the information here may no longer be up-to-date.

What's that smell? Oh my gosh, I can't breathe! That's the reaction some people have when they walk into one of the big-box retail outlets in Sioux Falls.

Bed Bath and Beyond is one of those stores. And now the company is reporting that some of their locations may shut down. Could the smell be the reason?

Maybe not but if you didn't have to be slammed with a blast of gagging potpourri when you walk through the door it just may improve the situation. Couldn't hurt.

Even though shares of Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) were rising Thursday according to The Motley Fool, several industry reports are reporting the company will be closing more stores. South Dakota has two outlets, one here in Sioux Falls and the other in Rapid City.

Shares of the retailer, which also owns World Market and Buy Buy Baby, are down 80% over the last five years even after Thursday's jump, a sign of the retailer's troubles.

Just my 2-cents: I shop at Bed Bath & Beyond when my wife sends me off with a list. The next time I'll be prepared with a mask so I can breathe and my eyes won't water.

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